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Utilizing Unreal Engine 4, ArcheAge Begins showcases stunning graphics never-before-seen on a mobile platform.


Target powerful skills at specific enemies in real- time using a unique "card flipping" system. Strategically form a team of 4 heroes to go on expeditions and reveal the secrets of the Garden.


Gather materials through fishing and raising livestock. Craft items to sell at the auction house or send out trade vessels for materials and profits. Then attack and loot other players' vessels for total economic domination. Commerce is crucial. Strategically choose how you build it.


It all starts here.

In ages past, a terrible war was waged between the legendary Ipnya and Akash races. This war ended when the Mother Goddess Thiol sacrificed herself to seal away the evil Akasch.

The sacrifice of the Mother Goddess ushered in a time of peace. Humans, Firran, Dwarves, Elves, and the many other races lived together in harmony. The Great Library was constructed in Delphinad to keep record of the history of the lands.

As countless gods rose and fell through the ages, the Library kept knowledge of all things. Except…the secrets of the Mother Goddess who gave birth to the world.

The origins of the “Ancient Rift,” a crater formed by the ancient war, has been long forgotten by the people of the land. One of the secrets of the Mother Goddess can be found here. This secret is called the “Garden,” which is a hidden place of power where a mortal can be made a god. It can only be accessed through the Ancient Rift.

A group of twelve were sentenced to death for producing a play called "The Scoundrel's God," mocking the the gods of old. Instead of accepting their fate, these twelve souls have journeyed into the Ancient Rift in search for the fabled "Garden."

Based on the epic ArcheAge saga written by Min-hee Jeon, journey with the first expedition of twelve heroes as they discover the events that started it all.


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